The Upcycling Company Launches Recycle Glass Here Map 

To meet the demand for clean glass collection in South Carolina, The Upcycling Company is collaborating with a variety of county, city, community, and business partners to create a convenient network of glass recycling drop locations for residents to use. features an easy-to-use glass drop location map that can be accessed on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. The map allows the user to select a drop location near them, find the open hours of operation, and understand what type of glass is accepted to keep contamination out of recycling streams. Once the user selects their desired drop site, they can enter their current location and navigate to the drop location. 

While this program is developing, not all counties, cities, and communities have a glass drop location yet. This is where we need your help! Fill out the form on to request a glass recycling drop location in your community. Increased interest from the community will help us encourage city and county officials to participate. With more convenient glass drop locations, together we can divert quality glass from landfills and create valuable products through U.S. glass manufacturers. 

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