The Upcycling Company Launches in South Carolina to Supply Glass for Local Manufacturers

Born out of the need for clean, quality glass, The Upcycling Company was established to collaborate with county, city, community, and business partners to create a network of glass recycling collection locations across the U.S. The collected material supplies U.S. glass manufacturers and provides education and resources for partner community residents to increase participation and collection.

When glass is collected separately, contamination is reduced, resulting in less risk and cost. The recycled glass can then be recycled and upcycled into valuable products by U.S. glass manufacturers. The Upcycling Company helps cities improve glass recycling rates and clean their waste streams through glass recycling programs, customized glass collection containers, and community education support. 

The first community partnership will launch in Beaufort County, S.C. in early 2021. The program is expected to expand across South Carolina by the end of 2022 with plans to partner with Georgia and North Carolina at the beginning of 2023. 

The Upcycling Company established the slogan, ‘You Stay Glassy, America,’ to create awareness and recognition in partner communities. This slogan is a part of the glass recycling program branding on collection containers and is customized for each city, county, and business partner.