Glass Recycling at Heritage Golf Tournament

More than 5 tons, or 10,000 pounds, of glass were collected at the 54th annual RBC Heritage PGA TOUR golf tournament at Hilton Head Island, S.C. The Upcycling Company partnered with i2recycle to divert this massive volume of glass during the tournament weekend, April 14-17, 2022.

What happens with all the glass collected? The glass was dropped off at a local South Carolina glass manufacturer, GlassWRX, which will use the clean feedstock to upcycle the glass into sustainable materials that will help save our planet. 

We’re looking forward to continuing to partner with events across the U.S. to ensure that glass is properly collected, diverted from landfills, and supplies U.S. glass manufacturers. If you’re interested in participating in future events with The Upcycling Company, please reach out to us here. Let’s connect!