Glass Recycling Program Launching on Tybee Island in late March 2023

Tybee Island, GA — The Upcycling Company is launching a clean glass recycling program in partnership with the City of Tybee Island in an effort to divert quality glass from landfills and support local U.S. manufacturers with quality recycled content.

The Upcycling Company is expanding across the U.S. partnering with communities to divert quality glass material from our landfills and create a clean glass supply for local manufactures. Meagan Huth, The Upcycling Company CMO says, “Limiting contamination in the recycling stream and collecting clean glass not only decreases the amount of glass going to U.S. landfills, but it supports a healthy supply chain for the U.S. glass manufacturing industry and supports them in hitting their sustainability goals .” 

When glass manufacturers use more recycled content, they in turn decrease their raw material usage and their energy usage, but first they need the recycled glass.

Huth says, “According to the Glass Recycling Coalition survey, 93% of consumers expect to be able to recycle glass. People want to recycle glass and we’re working with community leaders to offer a solution for glass recycling that keeps the glass clean from collection, through processing and delivery to our manufacturing partners.” The Upcycling Company and the City of Tybee Island are excited to see a glass recycling option included in Tybee’s new and improved drive thru recycling facility. 

To support this effort, residents are encouraged to bring their #cleananddry glass to drive thru recycling facility starting on March 22nd at 76 Polk Street.

To follow the progress of this glass recycling program, please like the partners on their social media accounts.

City of Tybee Island

The Upcycling Company