Arglass partners with The Upcycling Company to develop the next generation of cullet recovery for a more sustainable future


VALDOSTA, GA (6/13/2023) -. Arglass, the most Flexible, Efficient and Sustainable glass container manufacturer in America, and The Upcycling Company announced that the companies have entered into a strategic venture that will weave a clean glass collection network through communities in Georgia and Northern Florida that will divert quality glass from landfills.

The agreement ties together glass collection, cullet processing, and glass manufacturing in an effective vertical partnership that will support the circular economy. Arglass is a glass container manufacturer and The Upcycling Company is a clean glass collection company.

“We are excited to partner with The Upcycling Company to create a new structure to recover and recycle glass containers. This partnership reinforces Arglass’ commitment to Sustainability, one of our three founding principles.” said Jose de Diego Arozamena, Arglass Founder and CEO. 

The partnership will result in:

  • 210 million glass bottles diverted from landfills annually.
  • 40,000 metric tons less raw material consumed. 
  • 3 million less Kilowatt-Hours utilized.
  • 1.7 million residents will now have access to effective glass recycling programs.

“Over time, recycling rates of 75% or more are possible with effective collection and processing programs and we’re excited to partner with Arglass on the next generation of cullet recovery,” said Derrick Standley, The Upcycling Company CEO.

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The Upcycling Company


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